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First year at School? FREE Reception Class Memory Books!

We are all by now familiar with celebrating Year 6 Leavers, a milestone in every child’s primary education. The Hoodies, the leavers autograph books, the proms and special assemblies, it has become a real rite of passage.

JS photography was one of the first UK school photographers to offer this, and probably the only one who does them FREE of charge every year for every leaving Year 6 child.

But what about that other major milestone in primary years, the FIRST year at school?

That’s what we thought!

js photography free product

A special keepsake!

Something to treasure and look back on

100% free of charge!

To all our School Photography customers

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Memory books for reception classes

So, we put our heads together and devised the UK’s first and only FREE ‘MY FIRST YEAR” memory book for Reception classes, this little book has photos of all your child’s first ever class mates, and spaces to personalise with a small snap shot of time, something to treasure and look back on in later years. It can even be used to save subsequent years photos in order to create a fantastic keepsake of every year in Primary school leading up to that Year 6 Leavers event.

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If you like the idea of this for your school and want to know how to get this fantastic memento completely FREE of charge just get in touch with one of our friendly school photography guru’s for a no obligation chat.