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Mountbatten Primary School

“I was instantly blown away by JSSP’s empathy and professionalism”
Jade Jackson

As Attendance Officer at Mountbatten Primary School, Jade Jackson understands how important it is for school photographs to be accessible and affordable for families. She shares how working with JSSP means every pupil is included, with a hassle-free approach to school photography that continues to impress her.

Our photos have to be high quality and cost-effective – and JSSP delivered

Jade explains that the school had been using another photography provider, but felt they didn’t meet expectations. ‘I’m probably the staff member who has the most contact with our families across the school. I check the register daily, make regular phone calls and home visits, and work with children across all year groups. So I have a good understanding of our pupil and parent circumstances and needs, including budgets. The prices our previous photography provider set just didn’t suit our families.’

‘The challenge, of course, was to find a company that offered lower prices without compromising on quality,’ continues Jade. ‘I did some research and came across JSSP, so I got in touch with Lisa and the team. I was impressed straight away. They sent us a clear breakdown detailing how they work, and I was sold on their efficient approach and reasonable prices.’

JSSP makes sure every single child is included, no matter the circumstances

‘I’ve been delighted with the way JSSP has responded to the unpredictability of the school environment,’ praises Jade. ‘We do have children who turn up to school late and, in the past, we’ve found photographers haven’t been able to accommodate them. Yet with JSSP, that’s not the case.’

‘If a child isn’t there on time, JSSP simply tells us it’s no problem,’ says Jade. ‘They add them into the schedule for individual photographs, even if they’ve missed their initial slot. If it’s a group photo, JSSP lets us know they’re waiting for the child to make sure they’ll be part of the class photo. That inclusivity is incredibly important.’

The team adjusts plans to suit us whenever we need them to

The ease of school photography day is one of the biggest reasons Jade loves working with JSSP. ‘JSSP understands nothing at a school ever runs as smoothly as planned!’ she says. ‘But they can totally adjust their schedule to suit us. Often, the hardest part of school photography day is needing to explain changes and circumstances to photographers. But JSSP just gets on with things without us needing to talk about individual cases. It’s so refreshing.’

That smooth approach also means Jade and her colleagues have more capacity to get on with their day-to-day jobs. ‘JSSP knows we work in a busy school office, so they leave us alone!’ she smiles. ‘Once they’re set up for the day, we often don’t hear from them again until the photography is complete. They just get on with it, with minimal involvement from us.’

Ordering photos from JSSP is easy for both staff and parents

It’s not just the school office team who benefit from the stress-free experience of working with JSSP. ‘Most of our parents use JSSP’s dedicated school photography portal to view and order their images,’ Jade explains. ‘Of course, that ticks a task off our to-do list here in the office. But it also makes parents more likely to order images as the portal is so easy to use. I’m a parent of a child at the school, too, so I can vouch for that!’

‘More than anything, I’d like to say thank you to JSSP for the support they give, not only to me but to everyone connected with our school. They truly do make my life so much easier.’

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