Our School Portal


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Making Life Easier

Ordering badges and prints has never been so simple

Choose the images you want, enter their names, select a lanyard colour and/or print size. Follow the few easy payment steps. Your order will be on it’s way, more reliably than ever.

Have your own images, no problem!

You can add as many of your own images as you like. Meaning if someone was absent on the day of shooting, or we just didn’t get your good side, you can use any image you’ve taken yourself with a simple click of a button.

Shoot Management

Import pupil data and manage shoots

Upload pupil data for upcoming shoots straight to the School Portal. Data is transferred securely and directly from your server to ours. GDPR compliant and all handled in house in the UK.

School loyalty credit

Every School will receive a loyalty allowance linked to your Portal account, ensuring that you can order all of the products you need, without spending school funds.

And this is just the start!

We’ll be adding a variety of products in the near future. Allowing you to order staffboards, storyboards, a selection of banners, custom lanyards,mugs and accessories and much more.

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The security of data is right at the top of our agenda, this is one of the many reasons why we created our secure school portal, it will ensure that we use the best and most secure method for a school to send and receive information and photographs. We only ask for data once a year, which will be used for both individuals and groups to further reduce school administration.

If your school provides us data we can identify photos and proofs quickly helping with school/parent queries when proofs are lost or when more proofs are needed.

Shoot Portal Guide

Head to www.jssp.co.uk/portal and enter the email address that you registered with us, and the password that we provided for you. Once logged in, you’ll be able to navigate through the options available from your Dashboard, and change your password from the Accounts tab

From your Dashboard, select View and Order Staff ID Products and then one of either Staff ID Badges or Staff Board Prints.

Type in the required information for each member of staff you wish to order and make sure the box next to them is selected.

In the Product Options box, select from the drop down menu which Lanyard colour/print size you require.

Once you’re happy with your selections, click Add to Basket. If you wish to continue shopping and order additional Badges or Prints, click on the Back to Products button.

When choosing which staff images you wish to order, you’ll also have the opportunity to add any images you’ve taken yourself with the Add image button. Simply select the file on your system that you wish to upload, and move the cropping tool to however you like.

When selecting your order, you’ll have the option to download a full resolution copy of all the staff on the current page by clicking the Download images button.

We order all of our SIMS Licenses from CAPITA. They can take between 1-2 weeks for us to receive them. Once we receive it, we’ll notify you that the SIMS License has been uploaded to your account and you’ll be able to download it whenever you like.

Why Choose Us


We have over 30 years’ experience and a talented team, but we’ll always take time to get to know exactly what your school needs from its images.


Everything we do is managed in house, so you have complete control over, and confidence in, our school photography safeguarding systems.

Peace of mind

We’ll get rid of the extra admin, with online portals, simple payment processes, and images sorted and delivered by class – all to make your life that little bit easier.